Book Design

Not for Profit Organization International Parasports Photography Liaison Council

Mar. 2015

Page design for ‘ritomo’, a children’s newspaper published by Paraphoto, a non-profit organisation based in Yokohama, which publishes news and information about the Paralympics and sports for the disabled.
It conveys the attraction of sports for the disabled directly to the children of Yokohama, through photographs and articles provided from a passionate perspective. We created a logo with the same world-view as the preceding issue ritoratto, and designed a lively layout with powerful photographs and texts describing the games, as a preparatory issue for the world championships and 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
Ritomo is a coined name, combining ritomo, the Italian word for ‘rhythm’ and ‘tomo’, the Japanese word for ‘friend’.

Products: logo, tabloid-size newspaper (H342 x W270)

Produce: Nobue Sasaki
Photo: Takao Ochi & Hideo Mori
Writing: Kyoko Hoshino