“E-toki Design History”
Book Design

MdN Corporation

Sep. 2015

Designed the cover and pages of the book on the history of design, written by mi e ru’s Masaru Ishikawa and Flare, released in September 2015. We were in charge of supervising the contents, text and cover design, and illustrations. Ishikawa, who taught history of design for three years at Asagaya College of Art and Design, picked up phenomena which are necessary for understanding design, from basic issues to modern terminologies such as “qualia” and “creative commons”. It is an ambitious work with over 60 unique illustrations which add new touches to familiar matters relating to the history of design. The book is available now with its electronic version.

Product: book (A5 size)
Publisher: MdN Corporation.
Editing: Flare Inc.
Supervising editor, design, illustration: Masaru Ishikawa